The Institute of Packaging Proffessionals Kenya was registered under The Societies Act Rules Laws of the Republic of Kenya at Nairobi on 7th January 2011 Certificate of registration No.33497.

Objectives of IOPPK

The objects for which the institute is established are to:

  • Stimulate consciousness of good packaging;
  • Undertake and promote study, research and development in packaging and package design;
  • Recommend standards for packages, packaging materials, processes and equipment;
  • test, evaluate and certify packages, packaging systems, packaging materials, equipment and processes;
  • Provide consultancy services on packaging problems;
  • Study packaging for export commodity wise and country wise and to suggest measures to authorities concerned for effecting improvements;
  • Provide training both short term and long term for specified personnel employed in industry, commerce and government in packaging technology;
  • Promote and stimulate action in universities and colleges, to provide education in packaging technology;
  • Analyze the implications of a sound policy on packaging on domestic production, domestic consumption and domestic prices;
  • Study methods and procedures of incentives appropriate for development of packaging;
  • Analyze the institutional framework most conducive to the promotion of packaging;
  • Study the packaging requirements with special reference to transport by road, water, rail and air;
  • Study the impact of packaging on marketing;
  • Undertake advertising, publicity and exhibition to promote packaging consciousness;
  • Establish relation and to co-operate with any other agency or organization having similar objectives in Kenya or abroad;
  • Provide and disseminate information relating to packaging;
  • Prepare, print and publish any papers or periodicals or reports;
  • Establish and maintain libraries and information services to facilitate the study of the various objects for which the society is established;
  • Constitute regional institutes at convenient places in kenya and outside to promote the objects of the society;
  • Invite representatives of government, industry, trade and other institutions and organizations, Kenya and foreign, to deliver lectures on subjects in which the society is interested;