Packaging Consultants

IOPPK is a Packaging Professional Members organisation committed to enhancing Packaging skills ,Local and Global Packaging consultancies, Networking, Exhibitions ,Standards ,Designs, Strategy and Developments. It is a member of WPO(World Packaging Organisation) and APO(Africa Packaging Organisation).

Due to increasing demands The organisation is looking for Local and International Consultants on Packaging Training, Retail shelf ready packaging, Packaging Graphic and Technical Designs, Packaging cost modelling, International and local Barcoding, Packaging for export, Packaging for e commerce, Environmental and Sustainability Packaging, Packaging Machinery Technical and commercial appraisals, sourcing, Commissioning, Operation, Diagnostics, Maintenance and optimising Operational efficiency and utilisation. Other areas are Packaging Safety, Packaging Marketing and Consumer interface, Packaging Materials (Plastics ,Paper, Glass, Metals) Properties and conversions, Packaging systems ,aids and accessories and Packaging and Printing. A knowledge of current local and global Packaging Trends and Dynamics is necessary.

Assignments and payments will be on Project basis

Send your CV to the following email.