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Food Loss & Waste

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Every year on the 29th of September, the world marks the ‘International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste’

Institute of Packaging Professionals Kenya (IOPPK), Africa Packaging Organisation (APO), and World Packaging Organisation (WPO) recognises and mark the day with publications, webinars and interviews to spread the message of Food Loss and Waste.

It is in the public domain that Kenya is Food insecure with rising costs and with no availability of basic food commodity – maize. Estimates show nearly 3 million people in Kenya have no food security. This is against an estimate of 30 % of food waste and loss from FAO statistics.

The message is to “stop Food Loss and Waste for the People for the planet”. The ‘International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste’ is designed to make a clear call to action for both the public and private sectors to prioritize actions and move ahead with innovation to reduce food loss and waste.

‘Packaging can play an integral role in minimizing food waste at the start of the value chain, so that waste can be prevented in the households. Avoiding food waste is a critical packaging issue and one that food producers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, and consumers need to better understand.

In Kenya, we as an institute of Packaging Professionals would like to mark the day in and engage in a national conversation on food loss and waste and help recognize the role of packaging in helping to mitigate Food loss and waste.

Call to action: seminar, webinar, interviews, and campaigns on the Wholesale Food Market in Nairobi, Kenya in collaboration with RETAILERS, FAO, GOVERNMENT, FOOD VALUE CHAIN, and Media

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