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Upcoming Events

  • Food Loss and waste campaign
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  • Propak 2024 exhibition
  • Kenya Packaging Summit 2024

Latest Events

  • Kenya Packaging Summit:- Video- Pre-summit & Video – Awards /reflections
  • Propak March 2023

Kenya Packaging Summit

Background:- There are global moves and initiatives to build more sustainable societies in all spheres of life. This is seen in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whereby it is envisaged that by 2030 we shall have created a more sustainable world. Packaging could fit in SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production but broadly it is cross-cutting in all the SDGs. It impacts poverty by expanding economic opportunities, value addition and enabling trade, zero hunger by minimizing food loss and waste, and good health and well-being by containing, protecting, and preserving food, medicines, and products from point of production to point of consumption.

Business Case:- Export markets are very clear in ensuring Sustainable Packaging is what will be acceptable in their regions. There are unstoppable moves toward this end seen in legislative frameworks, Regulations standards, and directives. Brands are in business in the long term. The long term will require among others sustainable Packaging that will last for many generations to come. Kenya’s exports of Horticulture Products amount to approximately USD 2 Billion per year. Eastern African countries (EAC) exports of the same products combined could reach USD 10 Billion per year. There is a serious risk of loss of this market opportunity if sustainable packaging is not adopted in good time. Export markets are setting themselves targets of being fully compliant between 2025 -2030. We are familiar with the previous ban on exports from East Africa for various reasons i.e pesticides etc. We can prepare early to avoid firefighting in the future when it is too late. It is a process to move to sustainable Packaging. It requires time, technology, and investments.

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